Harbor in the Storm

Chapter 1: The Neon Underground
Welcome to the City Below

City: Sevastapol, Ukraine 06/28/2078

Places of Note

The Potemkin – A ‘high class’ bar in one of the new EVO distrcits of The Neon Underground. It has wooden floors, dim lighting an eternal halo of smoke drifting about the ceiling. The place is filled to the brim with well to do local business types or want to be arm chair academics and artists.

The Serpent’s Fork – A working class bar a few dozen meters outside the EVO sector. This place is beat up and has likely been here before the plates went up. The interior is run worn, but well loved and repaired. While it is not nice, it is cheap and draws locals to it like moths.

Characters of Note

Kevin, the hipster troll – A large troll with a very particular fashion sense. Kevin was found in the bar working on an antique type writter penning his novel, a cross between Kafka’s The Trial and Hess’ Sidartha. The party quickly convinced Kevin that a form of self destructive nihlism. After some coaxin Kevin is now all about hard drugs as a way to finish his novel.

Lev, the manarchist Ork – An ork with impeccibly pretentious sense of dress and an equally douche manner of speaking. After some conversation over the events with Kevin

Oxana – A human female who throws regular bohemian type house parties at her flat in the ‘governmental’ district

Dasha – Runs the bar down the street, ‘The Serpents Fork’. She is a large imposing troll late in life. While the bar she runs is far from nice it is just seedy enough to be comfortable to most local residents.


Last time the team arrived in Sevastapol in the Ukraine. The city one half glittering utopia, one half submerged dystopian nightmare. Like some kind of neon parody of Venice, canals splitting the flooded city where streets used to be. Buildings and infrastructure crumbling into the polluted waterways.

The team set out to find a place to live and located a pair of flats in one of the new EVO entertainment districts. The district, Nova Rorch, is a bustling area with bars and restaurants recently pacified by EVO security forces. The pair of flats will cost the party 10,000 nuYen per month. The district is home to the trendy ‘hipster’ population of Sevastapol. People gather here to talk bullship politics and poorly understood philosophy all while sipping over priced vodka.

Setting out half the team took to The Potemkin, a pretentious high end bar in Nova Rorch while the others took a trip to The Serpent’s Fork, a much more working class establishment.

At The Potemkin Dollface Johnson tried to squeeze information from two business types. They revealed there is a significant shipping business still happening at the port, but it falls prey to harbor piracy. When pushed about drugs the two clammed up and left immediatly. The bar was also home to a troll hunched over an antique typewritter, an ork with engraved scenes of worker revolutions on his tusks. Drake and John Smith approached the troll, Kevin, and began to pull one over on him, dragging Kevin down into a nihilistic spiral of inevitable self destruction.

As this occured the Ork, Lev, approached Dollface and struck up a conversation impressed by the way that her friends were giving Kevin a hard time. Several drinks and an hour of heavy handed and explicitly sexist conversation later Dollface was invited by Lev to a party at Oxana’s place in the governmental district, a group Lev spoke highly of, so long as you ignore the racism.

Kevin dragged the other two back to his apartment where it became clear that HARD DRUGS were the solution. Kevin mentioned Oxana as well dropping that she was throwing a party, even though he didn’t usually go to them for very long, just long enough to catch up with a few people. He offered to take both Drake and John.

Rob and Lazlo instead of taking the low road towards disaster at The Potemkin instead went to The Serpent’s Fork. There they ran into the bartender, Dasha, an aging troll. She warned the group of the facists that ran the nominal government. They are racists and biggots. As well she mentioned, on the topic of gangs, to stay clear of The Fleshrippers, though she did not expand on what they were. As well she reminded the party that should they run into trouble with The Neon Demons it is easier to simply pay them that it is to fight.

The party at Oxana’s is that evening starting in just a few hours. An address has been given and people have a way in.

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Chapter 0: A Ticket to Moscow Please
City: Seattle, Date: 06/15/2077

Key Characters

Dimitri Volsky

Middle aged orc of Russian descent. Speaks no Russian, but despite this obvious shortcoming acts as the derzhatel oschaka (accountant) to a local Vory Bratva, Voron. He is overweight, balding and has dirty tusks that protrude slightly from his lower lips. He has inhereted this idea that track suits and oppresive cologne are the height of fashion. The team has been working for Dimitri on and off for the last several months.

Connection: 3
Loyalty: 3

Ivankov the Troll Hammer, Pakhan of the Voron Bratva

A Dwarf approaching middle age. Speaks with a strong Russian accent and has only lived in Seattle for maybe a decade, at best. He is the current Pakhan (boss) of the Voron (Raven). He can be easily destinguished by the Raven nanotatoo on his chest. He is a fighter through and through, while he can be jovial (when you are on his good side) in his more extreme moods he can be violent and brutal. Ivankov is Dimitri’s boss and has warmed up to the actions of the party enough to be willing to meet them in person.

Connection: 5
Loyalty: 1

Illyana, Pakhan of the Koshachiy Sekret Bratva

A human in her late 20’s. She is slender and agile in appearance. She has cold stark eyes that seems to stare through people. She acts as Pakhan (boss) of the Koshachiy Skeret (Cat’s Secret). She has tatoos that run up her arms stopping on her neck just behind her ears. She is much more stern and matter of fact than Ivankov.

Connection: 5
Loyalty: 0

The Story So Far

The group was contacted by Dimitri for some work, big work, Ivankov wished to meet the team and hire them for something. They were summoned to a tea house called The Czar’s Daughter in an upscale part of the city near downtown. The initial meeting, which took place early in the day, briefed them on the basics of the job. Go to Moscow and be body guards for Ivankov’s niece. They were then invited to another meeting that evening, at dinner, at the same location. This meeting was much more formal and was held with Ivankov and Illyana both in attendance.

The team was offered 12,000 Y and standing of some type within the Voron for the job along with travel documents and temporary fake SINs. The trip over was easy enough and the team arrived without incident. Negotiations begun quickly and seemed to be going well. Negotiations concerned opening up a pipline for guns into Seattle that would be under Voron control. Negotiations were being conducted by Illyana, on behalf of the Voron and Cpt. Dina Rumakov from the Russian military.

During the final negotiations a heated exchange occured between Cpt. Rumakov and Illyana at the chosen location for the meeting, an upscale sushi restaurant. Illyana seemed surprised and Cpt. Rumakov seemed upset. This exchange ended as the sounds of sirens and a few gun shots could be heared outside. This might have been a setup or just bad luck, but either way the Russian police are here, not a group known for their restraint.


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