Harbor in the Storm

Chapter 0: A Ticket to Moscow Please

City: Seattle, Date: 06/15/2077

Key Characters

Dimitri Volsky

Middle aged orc of Russian descent. Speaks no Russian, but despite this obvious shortcoming acts as the derzhatel oschaka (accountant) to a local Vory Bratva, Voron. He is overweight, balding and has dirty tusks that protrude slightly from his lower lips. He has inhereted this idea that track suits and oppresive cologne are the height of fashion. The team has been working for Dimitri on and off for the last several months.

Connection: 3
Loyalty: 3

Ivankov the Troll Hammer, Pakhan of the Voron Bratva

A Dwarf approaching middle age. Speaks with a strong Russian accent and has only lived in Seattle for maybe a decade, at best. He is the current Pakhan (boss) of the Voron (Raven). He can be easily destinguished by the Raven nanotatoo on his chest. He is a fighter through and through, while he can be jovial (when you are on his good side) in his more extreme moods he can be violent and brutal. Ivankov is Dimitri’s boss and has warmed up to the actions of the party enough to be willing to meet them in person.

Connection: 5
Loyalty: 1

Illyana, Pakhan of the Koshachiy Sekret Bratva

A human in her late 20’s. She is slender and agile in appearance. She has cold stark eyes that seems to stare through people. She acts as Pakhan (boss) of the Koshachiy Skeret (Cat’s Secret). She has tatoos that run up her arms stopping on her neck just behind her ears. She is much more stern and matter of fact than Ivankov.

Connection: 5
Loyalty: 0

The Story So Far

The group was contacted by Dimitri for some work, big work, Ivankov wished to meet the team and hire them for something. They were summoned to a tea house called The Czar’s Daughter in an upscale part of the city near downtown. The initial meeting, which took place early in the day, briefed them on the basics of the job. Go to Moscow and be body guards for Ivankov’s niece. They were then invited to another meeting that evening, at dinner, at the same location. This meeting was much more formal and was held with Ivankov and Illyana both in attendance.

The team was offered 12,000 Y and standing of some type within the Voron for the job along with travel documents and temporary fake SINs. The trip over was easy enough and the team arrived without incident. Negotiations begun quickly and seemed to be going well. Negotiations concerned opening up a pipline for guns into Seattle that would be under Voron control. Negotiations were being conducted by Illyana, on behalf of the Voron and Cpt. Dina Rumakov from the Russian military.

During the final negotiations a heated exchange occured between Cpt. Rumakov and Illyana at the chosen location for the meeting, an upscale sushi restaurant. Illyana seemed surprised and Cpt. Rumakov seemed upset. This exchange ended as the sounds of sirens and a few gun shots could be heared outside. This might have been a setup or just bad luck, but either way the Russian police are here, not a group known for their restraint.


Rhaive Rhaive

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